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HR Manager

Job Descriptions:
1. Bachelor degree or above, HR management and other relevant majors are preferred;
2. At least 6 years of HR work experience, with rich experience on HR management and practical operating;
3. Being familiar with the design and operation of each module of human resource management;
4. With professional experience in organization development and talent management and abilities to conduct strategic thinking and logic thinking in a clear and rigorous manner;
5. With broad e-commerce resources and wide connections to provide talents for the development of the company in a timely manner;
6. With excellent leadership ability to carry out team construction, motivation and performance management, etc.;
7. With strong anti-pressure ability, adaptive ability, executive ability, motive force and good communicational competence.


Job Requirements:
1.Taking charge of planning and implementation of human resource development according to strategic plans of the company;
2.Taking charge of whole labor cost analysis and control in the company;
3.Formulating HR management policies and annual plans and establishing and improving all kinds of employee motivation mechanism of the company;
4.Establishing and improving employee training system and relevant system procedure and improving team competency;
5.Providing sufficient human resource based on strategic development plan of the company;
6.Knowing HR laws and policies of China and in different regions so as to provide effective HR policy basis to the decision-making of management level;
7.Handling significant HR problems during the development of the company;
8.Temporary works designated by General Manager.



Production Supervisor

Job Descriptions:
1.Comprehensively controlling and coordinating employee management and respective production activities;
2.Releasing production plans and tasks, and organizing and controlling production operation process;
3.Tracking production status, products demands, production process, output goals, etc. and completing production targets in a timely manner;
4.Making timely response to production abnormity, detecting and timely following up the problems and providing reasonable suggestions;
5.Getting involved in the action plans to improve production efficiency and product quality;
6.Monitoring standardized operation measures to ensure the safety and cleanness of the production sites;
7.Taking charge of employee management, training and cultivation.

Job Requirements:
1.With good leadership ability, organizing and coordinating ability, communicative ability and executive ability;
2.With work experience of on-site management in manufacturing company for at least three years, and experience of production supervisor will be preferred;
3.With strong abilities on quality management, processing optimization, organization and communication, and abilities to analyze and solve problems.



Warehouse (Logistics) Supervisor

Job Descriptions:
1.Supervising warehouse keepers to ensure the acceptance formalities for goods storage and discharge are effectively carried out, establishing records of materials provision, storage and distribution, carrying out financial management and ensuring that the account, card, materials and goods allocation are accurate and conform to each other;
2.Supervising the 5S work of all warehouses, organizing and implementing cleaning work in a regular manner and keeping the goods in warehouses clean and in order;
3.Taking charge of daily management work of Warehouse Department;
4.Supervising and organizing fire security work of the department;
5.Ensuring that forklift drivers make operations in compliance with operation procedures in a strictly manner, and correcting nonconforming behaviors in a timely manner;
6.Taking charge of warehouse employee management, employee training and work motivation;
7.Taking charge of storage cost control, and controlling idle stock and waste materials.

Job Requirements:
1.Junior college or above;
2.Warehouse management work experience of three to five years;
3.Being familiar with the work procedure of logistics management and warehouse management, with rich process management and operation skills;
4.Wooden products warehousing management experience will be preferred;
5.Good communication and coordination ability among departments;



Production Statistician

Job Descriptions:
1.Conducting statistical work of Production Department under the leadership of manager of the Production Department;
2.Making daily statistics of product output of production workshop, guaranteeing the accuracy and correctness of the data, reporting to relevant departments and providing effective information for company leaders;
3.Reporting daily production information to management department in a timely manner according to daily production status.

Job Requirements:
1.Junior college or above, work experience of factory production statistics for at least one year;
2.Being able to handing production data and conducting data sorting and analyzing in a proficient manner;
3.Proficient in using computer and office softwares;
4.Having strong sense of responsibility, working conscientiously and carefully.