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General Manager of New-found (Tianjin) Packaging Industry Science &Technology Co. Ltd., Wang Lixin, born in 1966, is a techno-entrepreneur with brilliant insight who ventured into business and endeavored to create New-found with years of management experience. It is his wisdom that plays an active part in the development of New-found from a small-scale company into a large-scale one.

21st Century has witnessed a series of opportunities and challenges for the rapid development of logistics industry in China. With pallet problems gradually becoming the focus of restraining logistics development, pallet industry expects great opportunities on the other side.

Since entering logistics pallet packaging industry, Wang Lixin has worked on the production of wooden pallet to accumulate lots of experience and introduced advanced pallet production facilities to improve pallet production process domestically and to better carry forward the pallet standardized application in storage logistics. Becoming the member of EPAL of Chinese zone in 2009 and introducing full-automatic pallet stapling production line from Europe in 2010, Wang Lixin developed New-found into the first company in China to have full-automatic stapling production and made great contribution to pallet standardized appliance and development domestically. Meanwhile, he is committed to promoting the unitized logistics and pallet recycling and sharing system. In 2014, he participated in National Business & Commerce Logistics On-Site Experience Exchange Meeting convened by Department of Circulation Industry Development of Ministry of Commerce of PRC and discussed with professionals of the industry for suggestions on how to promote unitized logistics and pallet recycling and sharing system so as to improve logistics efficiency and decrease logistics costs. At the same year, Wang Lixin also took part in the formulation of General-purpose flat pallets for through transit of goods-Wooden flat pallet (GB/T 31148-2014) and pushed forward logistics standardization and socialization in China.